Why your cup of GREEN TEA should have more ingredients?

Green tea leaves do not undergo 100% oxidation process and thus, retain key nutrients. Another benefit of green tea is that it contains much less caffeine especially than black tea. The fermentation process for green tea ensures that more polyphenols are preserved, making it rich in antioxidants. The lack of oxidation also makes it extremely rich in EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which is a very beneficial antioxidant. When combined with the right diet and exercise it can help in weight reduction. Cup of green tea to your daily help in boosting your immunity and regulating weight loss. And say bye-bye to weight gain.

Pure organic green tea helps in detoxification which can boost overall health. Usually people don’t like the taste of green tea, considering it as bitter. So we thought about adding more ingredients to make your cup of green tea tasty and healthy. Our whole leaf tea blends contain 100% natural and pure ingredients and do not contain any artificial colour or flavour. Our green teas are rich in antioxidants, nutrients and good as detox and de-stress. Enjoy a tea cleanse to complement your fitness regime. Your convenience and comfort is our priority so we have launched our entire Green tea collection in Pyramid tea bags in a tin box so that you can easily carry them anywhere and enjoy the goodness of green tea.

GREEN TEA BLENDS that we have:

HIBISCUS MINT GREEN TEA: The goodness of Hibiscus simply doubles with mint and green tea. This tangy, tasteful, refreshing tea is a delicious thirst quencher for any time of the day and perfect to uplift your mood. So why not surprise your body by drinking something healthy.

ORANGE CINNAMON GREEN TEA: Embrace the divine infusion of Orange and Cinnamon that will give you an intoxicating aroma and delicious cup of healthy green tea. This tea is packed with anti-inflammatory properties. The fruit and spice blend enhances the flavour of green tea imparting a fascinating taste to the brew.

WEIGHT LOSS GREEN TEA: A delicious and aromatic blend of herbs and spices with green tea. Our Weight loss green tea is tastefully crafted with the combination of ancient herbs and spices to naturally help in boosting your immunity and regulating weight loss. Add this healthy cup of green tea to your daily diet and say bye-bye to weight gain.

LEMONGRASS GREEN TEA: A perfect blend of lemongrass leaves with fine green tea. Enjoy a fresh cup of mild citrusy lemongrass. With a smooth texture and refreshing aroma this tea will give you a zesty kick, like biting into a sweet citrus fruit with a sip of healthy green tea. Loaded with many health benefits, it is one of our healthiest green teas.

The aftertaste of all these green teas are super refreshing. You can freely choose any green tea of your choice and relish the taste. Health is wealth and don’t forget this saying, make healthy choices and let yourself know that you are special firstly for yourself.

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