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THE TEA SHORE is committed to let you experience, varieties of tea having great taste, filled with freshness straight from the tea gardens, rich in aroma and purity at the best. This is not something that we thought to do overnight. We intrinsically know what good tea tastes like and how it benefits your health. In the world of innovation, we also love to keep on introducing new and healthy tea blends for you.


Our vision is to be included in the healthy lifestyle of every tea consumer across the country by ensuring them premium quality tea and unique tea blends with 100% natural ingredients that possess Ayurvedic healing properties for their wellness. 

Tea is not something that you just like to have when you wake up in the morning only. Tea is an essential beverage of everyone’s daily life across the world. It’s a mood enhancer, a wake up alarm, an energy booster, an immunity enhancer, a celebration drink and much more, basically to set the tone for the day and a blissful sleep at night.

That’s why we at The Tea Shore, believe that everyone should have access to great quality teas that can be enjoyed at anytime of the day and night wherever you are.

Royal Ingredients Masala Chai is a marvelous chai with the most royal ingredients that makes the tea exceptional. This delicious cup of tea works as a perfect mood enhancer anytime.
Shilpa from Jaipur

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